1. The Story

From the recording Looking For You

Mr Missy- Vocals, Acoustic and electric guitars
Kenneth Ermter- Vocals
Robert Vail Grant Drums
Todd Sacerty- Bass


The Story

words and music. Marc Robichaud

As the crow flies out sure as the wind
You threw it all out and stepped right in
Cobra snake boogie and a bottle of wine
You've got your story and I've got mine

Lightning strikes just the lucky few
Never thought I'd ever meet a girl like you
Was it true love or all a waste of time?
You've got your story and I've got mine

So many sunny days gone by
The times we laughed and the times we cried
Now it's cold and lonely nights
No matter who's to blame or who is right
Your part of the story is a lot like mine

I don't have to tell you how the story ends
Ain't gonna let it happen again
All we've got left is what we had in kind
You've got your story and I've got mine.