About Mr Missy...

   Finding the joy...

  After fifteen years away from the music business, songwriter/guitarist Marc Robichaud has found the joy of music again. Assembling a crew of some of Vancouver Island's finest roots musicians, they set out to record the true story;   not factual, but truthful - The 25 year journey between meeting Missy, losing touch, reconnecting, and the courtship that led to their love affair. The new Album Looking for You is their story through Toughness and Joy.    

   This is an album created by friends and their love of playing music together. Recorded between Covid lockdowns it was meant to sound like a live band.

  "I can't say enough about the talent, creativity and effort that the musicians on this album put forth. I am humbled and grateful, not only for their talent but more importantly their friendship and support" - Mr Missy

  Robert Vail Grant - Drums

  Todd Sacerty - Bass

  Kenneth Ermter - Vocals , Djembe, Drums, Kennywhistle

  Joel Spillette - Organ

  Rick Salt - Baritone guitar

  Mr Missy - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric guitars ,Piano, Organ 


  Deborah Pitre - Vocals 

  Tina Jones - Vocals 











Mr Missy and the Muse