From the recording Looking For You

Tina Jones- Vocals
Mr Missy- Vocals, Electric guitars, Organ
Kenneth Ermter- Vocals
Robert Vail Grant- Drums
Todd Sacerty- Bass


Drink To The Future

words Robert Vail Grant. music Marc Robichaud

I can't believe the things that they tell me are true
The way that I cried tells more of me than of you
So what is there to lose that isn't gone without a trace
Since you've been gone I've had to fight to chase the race

( Chorus)
Gonna drink to the future, drink to the past
Drink to my health because it ain't gonna last
I've been down so long and I'm tired of being so far gone

Now I know what I'll do because the time has come
For me to forget about you and go and have some fun
I don't care 'bout the rest of these troubles of mine
All I wan't to do is have a good time

( Chorus )

There's one good thing that ain't none too sad
One good man makes up for ten that was bad
When all is said and done it seems so darn wrong
Ain't too many like 'em and most of them gone

Repeat 2nd verse